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Join naturalists and community experts at Ijams April 26-27, 2024, for the City Nature Challenge! With FREE, two-hour workshops spanning tree ID, birding, wildflowers, amphibians, and more, it's a weekend full of fun for everyone!

Ijams BioBlitz 2024 and the City Nature Challenge

What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time.

What is the City Nature Challenge?

Ijams Nature Center is proud to partner with Zoo Knoxville, Discover Life in America, Sierra Club, and the City of Knoxville to coordinate a BioBlitz for the City Nature Challenge 2024. During the City Nature Challenge, cities all over the world will collaborate to observe as much wildlife as possible. Help us record observations of wild plants, animals, fungi, and more to see how much nature we can find across the planet while learning who lives nearby!


Ijams BioBlitz 2024 - Workshops

Friday, April 26

Big Night Hike: BioBlitz Edition  6:30-9 pm

It's amphibian spotting season! Explore the evening trails and ponds of Ijams, searching for salamanders, frogs, and other amphibians while they wake up from their sleepy winter state as the weather gets warmer. Nets, gloves, and other equipment for amphibian exploration is provided!

Participate at Home

Can't participate during the BioBlitz? Download the iNaturalist app and make observations April 26-29, 2024!

Check out the City Nature Challenge: Knox Area iNaturalist page to see more events happening in your area!

Moths & More: Nocturnal Critter Workshop with Discover Life in America I  8 pm

Join Discover Life in America for a night of nocturnal critter observation at Ijams! You'll watch as moths and other nocturnal wonders flock to blacklights and learn about different species all while using the iNaturalist app to make critical observations and be a community scientist!

Saturday, April 27

Fantastic Fungi: BioBlitz Edition I  8 am  •  11 am  •  2 pm

Out in the field, fungi identification doesn’t leave mush-room for guessing! During this immersive workshop, you’ll learn the basics of fungi and lichen anatomy and identification, as well as their pivotal role in our ecosystems, all while using the iNaturalist app to make critical observations and be a community scientist! There are three different sessions!


Spring Tree ID: BioBlitz Edition I  8 am  •  11 am  •  2 pm

With a little guidance, you won't be-leaf how easy tree ID can be! Learn the basics of tree identification and species histories, and leave with a larger understanding of tree phenology during one of these two-hour guided workshops!

Beetles, Bees, and Butterflies: BioBlitz Edition I  8 am  •  11 am  •  2 pm

What's all the buzz about? Come grab a butterfly net and find out! You're in for a fun-filled session catching beetles, butterflies, bees, and many more insects that call Ijams home! You'll learn respectful bug-catching practices, un-bee-lievable species facts, and how these amazing arthropods benefit our environment.


Spring Birding: BioBlitz Edition I  8 am  •  11 am  •  2 pm

Take your first (or 10th) flight out of the nest and into the world of birding during an approachable, fun-filled hike on the trails during spring migration! You'll learn to identify bird species by sight and sound, and discover resources to help with your birding journey. This program is great for complete beginners and bird enthusiasts alike!

Wildflower Walk: BioBlitz Edition I  8 am  •  11 am  •  2 pm

Spring has officially sprung, along with various species of flowering plants! During this workshop, you'll learn about different plant lineages, basic plant morphology, species profiles, and more! 

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