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Natural Resource Conservation at Ijams Nature Center


Ijams Nature Center is a living laboratory engaged in conservation-focused activities that have direct positive impacts on the natural areas and human lives in East Tennessee. Ijams is invested in the preservation and restoration of native habitats on its lands to serve as best practices for partners across the Southeast and is guided by the following principles:



To maintain and enhance the Nature Center's lands as a “living laboratory” of biologically diverse native habitats through:


  • Invasive species management

  • Native habitat enhancement and restoration

  • Sustainable trail maintenance

Volunteers wrangling weeds at Ijams


To lead initiatives that improve land and water quality in the region and beyond by:


  • Collaborating with conservation practitioners to address ecological challenges in the region



To support and carry out scientific research to:

  • Guide land management decisions/practices

  • Contribute to the body of local natural history ecology

  • Support conservation initiatives

  • Provide educational opportunities for students

  • Engage people through Citizen Science programs

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To protect greenspace in the region by:


  • Acquiring adjacent lands to enhance and protect Ijams Nature Center's ecosystem

  • Increasing greenspace protected through partnerships within the Knoxville Urban Wilderness

  • Providing wildlife corridors  

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