These field-based programs are designed to help students ages 3-12 gain a deeper understanding of the natural world through fun and hands-on experiences.

Ijams Homeschool Ed-Ventures

Nature Ed-Ventures inspire homeschool students to learn biology concepts by experiencing the real thing. Each age group is mentored by an Ijams education team member to foster a natural curiosity and wonder through authentic investigation, participation, and engagement with the natural world. All Fall sessions are full, but please register to be added to our waitlist. 


Fall Session 2021: Movement and Migration (All Sessions are Full)


Every Wednesday from Sept. 15 to Nov. 10, with Oct. 13 off for Fall Break.


  • Ages 3-5 - SESSION IS FULL Fall is a season of movement and change with plenty of things to explore, including ourselves! Students will grow measuring skills, move like animals, and witness amazing migrations, all while learning how to move respectfully and safely through the natural world. A fall of migration and motor skills awaits! (Parents for this group must accompany their child/ren the entire time.)

  • Ages 6-12 - SESSION IS FULL Migration is a fantastic natural phenomenon, but how do you witness it and what does it have to do with humans? These questions and more will be covered during Fall Ed-Ventures! Students will track migrating animals, explore local migrations, and discover what humans can do to help migrating animals. Come explore migration as we enjoy the outdoors and work together as a team. (Parents for this group must stay on property in case of an emergency.)​

General Information

  • All ages meet just outside the Ijams Visitor Center at Universal Pond at 10 am. Parents will pick up at 12 pm at the same location.​

  • Students will stay with their age group for the season. For example, if a child turns 6 in October, they will stay in the Ages 3-5 group until the next homeschool session starting in January 2022. This helps keep enrollment consistent.



Please CAREFULLY read the policies during the registration process. Signing up for Ijams Homeschool Ed-Ventures indicates your intent to comply with these policies and procedures.

  • Children must be in the age range of their registered group by the date of the first session.

  • Children will stay in the same group for an entire semester.

  • All children ages 3 or older who attend the program are required to be registered as paid participants. Siblings under the age of 3 may attend programs, but are required to remain with a parent/guardian at all times.

  • During sessions for ages 3-5, parents MUST remain with their child/ren.

  • During sessions for ages 6-9, parents may drop off children but MUST remain on Ijams Nature Center property in case of emergency.

Please contact Jeremy Clothier with any questions about Homeschool Ed-Ventures at or +1865-577-4717, ext. 127.

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