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The Ijams Primal Playground is a green workout space for everyone. People who exercise in nature do so at a higher intensity level and are better stewards of the environment. Ijams created the Primal Playground to give people of all fitness levels an opportunity to exercise in nature using natural equipment and challenge themselves in unique ways.

Put Some "Wild" in Your Workout

The Ijams Primal Playground is elegantly simple. The rock and wood elements provided for your workout can serve in a wide variety of ways. One boulder can be used for step-ups, box jumps, dips, push-ups, and much more. One rock can serve as resistance weight for carries, weighted lunges, dead lifts, and presses. The Primal Playground is just as challenging and full-service as your imagination will make it.



Ijams Primal Playground is divided into three sections: Stone, Wood, and Boulder Field. Each section provides different elements that can be used in a variety of ways. You can create your own workout or download an existing workout. The Ijams Primal Playground Youtube channel will be available soon and will allow you to see a variety of exercises and how they can be scaled to suit your personal needs.


These workouts were developed by Mark Rice, fitness expert and designer of the Primal Playground. They are scalable to your fitness level and provide a wide breadth of challenging experiences.

Primal Playground Challenge

Tharp Trace Challenge

Stonehenge Challenge

Field of Stone            NEW

Unmovable Stones    NEW

Stone over Bar          NEW

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Sample Exercise Videos


  • Park at the Mead’s Quarry (Ijams Quarries) parking lot.

  • Walk across the railroad tracks and look to your left for a large tree stump with a blue and white Ijams Primal Playground sign pointing down Pink Marble Trail.

  • Follow the sign to the first section of the Primal Playground.