Animal Ambassadors

Ijams Nature Center is home to more than 40 non-releasable animal ambassadors who are here due to injury, illness, or human intervention. They would not survive in the wild, so they live here and share their stories to help Ijams educators teach visitors of all ages about the impact that humans can have on native animal species. Visit Ijams' animal ambassadors during regular business hours - either in the outdoor raptor enclosure or in the Visitor Center exhibit hall - and make a new connection with Tennessee's local wildlife.


Ijams offers FREE Animal Encounters on Saturdays at 10 am and 1 pm.

Barred Owl

Strix varia

American Kestrel

Falco sparverius

Red-Tailed Hawk

Buteo jamaicensis

Eastern Screech Owl

Megascops asio

Turkey Vulture

Cathartes aura

Eastern Screech Owl

Megascops asio

Corn Snake
(Red Rat Snake)

Pantherophis guttatus

Gray Rat Snake (Albino)

(Pantherophis spiloides)

Gray Rat Snake

(Pantherophis spiloides)

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