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Family fun awaits at Ijams! From regularly scheduled programs to season offerings, there's something for all ages. Visit the Calendar of Events page to see what's happening each week!

Family program at Ijams Nature Center are designed for both adults and children alike! Ijams naturalists meet participants at their level, ensuring that everyone comes away from a program with the knowledge, understanding, and fun they desire.

Evening Paddle.png
Kayak Programs

Ages: 14+ I 2 hrs.

Looking for a unique adventure on the water? Join an Ijams naturalist for a guided paddle on the Tennessee River! Look out for a variety of paddles throughout the season, including:

  • Meteor Shower Paddles

  • Full Moon Paddles

  • Evening Paddles

  • Early Morning Paddles

Fungi I.D.png
Beginner Fungi I.D.

Ages: 14+ I 1.5 hrs.

Out in the field, fungi identification doesn’t leave mush-room for guessing! Join an Ijams’ Fun-Guide (naturalist) for this immersive workshop where you’ll learn the basics of fungi and lichen anatomy, identification, and their pivotal role in the earth's ecosystems.

Wildflower Walk.png
Wildflower Walk

Ages: 14+ I 1.5 hrs.

Marvel at the fleeting flashes of color that line the trails at Ijams during Spring! With an Ijams’ naturalist, you’ll bask in the beauty of Spring wildflowers, witnessing their ephemeral elegance in the woodlands before they retreat until next year.

Pond Exploration.png
Pond Exploration

Ages: 6+ I 1.5 hrs.

What remarkable creatures are living underneath the surface of Ijams’ ponds? Come grab a net and find out! In this hands-on program, you'll successfully catch and identify all sorts of aquatic invertebrates and amphibians while learning about their life cycles and unique adaptations that enable them to lead a life in the water.

Big Night Hike.png
Big Night Hike

Ages: 12+ I 2 hrs.

It's salamander season! Explore the evening trails of Ijams Nature Center, searching for salamanders, frogs, and other amphibians as they wake up from their sleepy winter state as the weather gets warmer.

Ijams After Dark.png
Ijams After Dark

Ages: 6+ I 1.5 hrs.

Discover Ijams after dark during this experiential nighttime adventure! Tag along to meet some of Ijams’ nocturnal animal ambassadors, witness the not-so-creepy critters that inhabit the dark, and take a fun-filled, guided night hike on the trails.

Beginning to Bird.png
Beginning to Bird

Ages: 14+ I 2 hrs.

Take your first (or tenth) flight out of the nest and into the world of birding! With an Ijams’ naturalist, you’ll learn how to bird during an approachable, fun-filled morning hiking on the trails, identifying a myriad of bird species by sight and sound. This program is great for complete beginners and bird enthusiasts alike!

Birding in Place.png
Birding in Place

Ages: 14+ I 2 hrs.

Ijams Nature Center is excited to offer more accessible birding workshops. With an Ijams’ naturalist, you’ll learn how to bird during an approachable, fun-filled morning in a stationary location, identifying a myriad of bird species by sight and sound. This program is great for complete beginners and bird enthusiasts alike!

This program is geared towards those who face mobility challenges, but open to all! For individual accessibility needs, please contact Kat Livar at before purchasing your tickets.

Ijams Nature Center's public children's programs are designed to instill a sense of place and connection in younger learners. 

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Nature of Knoxville - Afterschool Animal Program

Ages: 7-10 I Four 1 hr. sessions

Discover the nature of Knoxville through science and art! Students will meet a different Animal Ambassador each week, creating observations and uncovering the adaptations that make them unique. Through immersive art projects, students will better understand the world around them, bringing home tools to further their own exploration of nature.

This program is designed for ages 7 - 10. 

Program Dates: Thursdays, March 23 - April 13.

Time: 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Cost: $50/child

This program is part of Ijams Nature Center's Nature of Knoxville - Afterschool Series. Check back regularly for more afterschool opportunities within this series.

Child Smelling Flowers.png
Nature Nuggets

Ages: 2-4  I Currently on hold

Children ages 2-4 and their caregivers can join Ijams on the third Thursday each month from 10-11 am to dip-net in ponds, hike the trails, and discover natural treasures. You'll practice exploring nature with confidence and have lots of fun!​

This program is currently on hold! Check back for more details and how to register. 

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