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Discover Ijams Nature Center

kid holding red-spotted newt in summer camp ijams


At Ijams Nature Center, learning is lifelong! Whether you're the parent of a preschooler looking for ways to explore nature, or an active senior who wants to know more about local wildlife, Ijams can help you connect with the natural world.

kid kayaking on tennessee river at ijams nature center summer camp


Ijams encourages stewardship of the natural world by providing opportunities to hike, paddle, climb, and bike! From small discoveries to big adventures, Ijams will help you discover the wonder of nature.

volunteers cleaning up during ijams river rescue


Ijams is a private, nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers, members, and donors to help maintain the trails and natural areas, support Ijams' education programs, and care for Ijams' animal ambassadors. 


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Found an Injured or Orphaned Animal?

Ijams does not take in injured or orphaned animals, but works closely with local wildlife rehabilitation groups who can help.

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