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TAKE ACTION!_ Wildlife Collection Event

Help Those Who Help Animals March 1-31!

Ijams receives numerous calls every year about sick, injured, or orphaned animals in this region, and wildlife rehabilitators come to the rescue! 

Wildlife rehabilitators open their homes to care for birds, mammals, reptiles, and more. Their work helps baby and injured creatures heal, grow, and hopefully be released back into the wild. It's a 24/7 job to care for these critters, and most rehabbers rely on donations to do this important work.


You can help! Throughout March, you can get items from the following Wish List and bring them to Ijams. Every item collected will be donated directly to rehabbers to help them care for the wildlife they take in. It's a wonderful way to thank them for caring for all creatures, great and small!

Wish List

  • fresh eggs

  • fruit and vegetables

  • minnows

  • night crawlers

  • acorns

  • Rodentpro gift cards

  • betadine

  • stretchy wrap bandages

  • Fox Valley Formula 32/40

  • Science Diet Kitten Chow

  • whole raw (non-GMO) walnuts

  • rat food pellets

  • XL nitrile gloves

  • dual gated carabiners

  • food service trays

  • deer antler dog chews

  • PetAg Goat's Milk Esbilac powder

  • cat litter pans

  • metal no-tip dog bowls

  • turtle basking platforms

  • pressure washer

  • sponges

  • plant mister spray bottle

  • dog puzzle feeder bowls

  • Zoo Med Eco Earth bricks

  • large hampster wheels

  • ceramic reptile food dishes

  • cuttle bones

  • baby oatmeal/rice cereal

  • Tractor Supply gift cards

  • bleach 

  • Dawn liquid dish soap

  • Mott's apple juice

  • unflavored Pedialyte

  • cat climbing trees

  • wet cat food

  • wet/dry puppy food

  • tarps

  • Miracle Nipple for pets (to feed formula)

  • hanging ferret/cat hammock

  • small animal carriers

  • small welding gloves

  • rodent block food

  • baby activity music table

  • plain Cheerios

  • large Coleman cooler

  • wood parrot toys

  • washable training pee pads

  • rabbit water bottles

baby animals.jpg
baby opossum.jpg

Amazon Wish List Links

NOTE: Wish List items can be ordered and dropped off at Ijams all month.

Meet Wildlife Rehabbers March 20

Learn more about wildlife rehabilitators and their work on Saturday, March 20, from 10 am-3 pm! You'll find the rehabbers at the Education Pop-Up in front of the Visitor Center. Rehabbers will talk about their animals, answer questions, and chat about all the critters that come into their care each year.

If you have items for the collection event, you can drop them off at the tent that day and they will be distributed.

Big & Small Ways to Save the Planet 6.8x

This event is part of Take Action!: Big and Small Ways to Save the Planet. Learn more about Take Action! and see other ways you can get involved!

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