Weed Wrangle Knoxville is part of a national volunteer effort to help rescue public parks and green spaces from invasive species through hands-on removal of especially harmful trees, vines, and flowering plants. 


Weed Wrangle


Join Ijams for the VIRTUAL 2021 Weed Wrangle Knoxville! 

From Feb. 27 through March 27, backyards, parks, roadsides, and other green spaces in Knoxville have the potential to be part of Weed Wrangle Knoxville and you'll get to lead the effort because this year's event is VIRTUAL!


You can pick your own spot, pick one at Ijams, or sign up for a public workday at Ijams...anything you do will make a difference in protecting the community's native habitats and wildlife!

Ijams will provide weekly digital guides and information to not only help volunteers identify invasive species but also provide unique and fun challenges!


Everyone is invited! Individuals, clubs, Scout troops, churches, and other organizations can get outside and improve their own private land or a public space. (NOTE: If choosing a public space, please first get permission from the City or County to conduct invasive removal.) 


Register your site and include the following information:


- Your name or name of your group
- Your email or the email of the group's leader
- Where your site is located   
- Whether you are requesting weed wrenches

Once you sign up, your location will be added to the 2021 Weed Wrangle map.


Ijams will send you a guide to get started and then it's up to you to start removing invasives and protecting the area's native habitats.


Start scouting green spaces around town or get ready to tackle your own backyard during this year's virtual Weed Wrangle!


If you want to select a space at Ijams for the 2021 Weed Wrangle, email Ijams Volunteer Coordinator Madelyn Collins at mcollins@ijams.org.


Join Ijams for a workday during Weed Wrangle!

Weed Wrangle at Ijams River Trail | Feb. 27 | 9:30 am-12 pm


Kick off the first day of Weed Wrangle with Ijams! Volunteers will hike to the closed section of River Trail to remove privet and honeysuckle and open the view to the Tennessee River in preparation for trail's upcoming reopening. Sign Up to Volunteer

Weed Wrangle at Ijams Grayson Subaru Preserve | March 6 | 9:30 am-12 pm


Hike to the Grayson Subaru Preserve to remove English ivy and help prepare the space to become a nature playscape for children! Sign Up to Volunteer

Weed Wrangle at Ijams River Trail | March 20 | 9:30 am -12 pm


Hike to the closed section of River Trail to remove wintercreeper in preparation for the trail's reopening. Sign Up to Volunteer


Physical Health While Weeding  | March 10 | 12:30 pm-1:30 pm


Is your back breaking pulling weeds? Learn how to remove invasives AND save your spine. Join Ijams Virtual Chat

Community Health While Weeding | March 24 | 12:30 am-1:30 pm


What grows in your yard can quickly transfer to your neighbor's. Learn how to limit the spread of invasive plants and be a good neighbor. Join Ijams Virtual Chat